1. Ortadoğu Afet ve Hastane Öncesi Yönetim Kongresi

Distinguished Colleagues,

The 1st Disaster and Pre-Hospital Management in the Middle East Congress will be held by the Turkish Red Crescent, the Emergency Medicine Physicians Association of Turkey (EPAT) and the Emergency and Disasters Association (ACAT) on 8-11 October 2017 at GREEN PARK PENDIK CONVENTION CENTER in Istanbul, Turkey.
While emergencies and disaster potential is increasing on the one hand, there is no other day that is not marked by any natural or man-made disasters inflicting emergencies. In the World, including the Middle East, apart from many natural disasters, internal conflicts and wars trigger mass migration. Thousands of people are injured or losing their lives, paving the way to humanitarian drama. With this end, the Red Crescent-the Red Cross Associations, IFRC, the United Nations Humanitarian Assistance Organizations, the WHO have been conducting many work in cooperation with various countries, public institutions and NGOs. Hence, the MEADEM17 is a significant congress aiming at enabling exchange of scientific information as well as on-site best practices regarding disasters and global humanitarian issues, and bringing together the emergency, disaster management and humanitarian assistance stakeholders and professionals so that they could jointly devise solutions. The Congress shall encourage the pre-hospital health-care service staff; fire-fighting as well as search and rescue squads, humanitarian assistance and disaster management personnel and scientists to discuss and share their experiences. Though the title of the Congress seems to have a regional reference to the Middle East, it is a global one indeed since it shall convene many distinguished scientists and lecturers together from all over the World that is making it diverse and unique.
Bearing these feelings in mind, we are cordially inviting you to exchange your know-how and experiences with the participants and the experts

Chair of the congress
İbrahim ALTAN, MD




The disaster is a general term defining natural or man-made incidences that cause physical, economic and social losses, stopping or interrupting daily life and human activities and it is also an outcome inflicted by nature, technology or human-beings that is not surmountable by the affected communities.
The earthquakes that hit Gölcük (1999), Düzce (1999) and Van (2011) in Turkey sadly induced us to review our gaps in disaster management and the issues like international standardization for disaster management were debated. Though disaster management is a separate discipline in the world, it could not find the place it deserved in science and governance yet in our country. A disaster culture could be developed only through the delivery of appropriate training programs that will enable it to be embraced by the society and overall sincere attitude and scientific approach by universities and all institutions is darn needed. At this juncture, the 1st Middle-East Congress on Disaster and Pre-hospital Management presents a great importance. The panels of the Congress shall cover diverse lectures and discussion sessions on disaster risks prevention, intervention, SAR, nutrition, shelter, potable water delivery, environment-public health, sanitation, security, psycho-social support, telecommunication and technological developments, disaster automation systems, early warning systems, communication, food and health.
Today, disaster potential is incrementally rising in that multiple situations could be encountered at once. Disaster prevention-intervention and restructuring processes require effective coordination of various disciplines. The duty falling on our shoulders is to ensure that disaster susceptibility remains at a potential level, to proactively prevent occurrence of a disaster and death-toll /property loss, to make sure people quickly resume their former life style and healthcare status, through appropriate recovery and psychological rehab.

  • How could disaster potential be prevented on the way to evolving into a real disaster?
  • What is the first method of intervention into victims by disaster region or type?
  • How is triage done in a disaster hit zone? How and according to what should health organization be planned and implemented?
  • What is the path to be pursued in case of CBRN attacks and industrial accidents?
  • What are the differences intrinsic to mountainous areas, snow or water?
  • How should psycho-social approach be concomitant to medical help?
  • What are the principles of humanitarian assistance?
  • What are the outcomes of migration in the Middle East?
  • How should a camp be managed?
  • How should disaster logistics be?
  • How should pre-hospital care be?
  • Trans-boundary patient transfer …
  • The best way of scene management in case of terrorist attacks?
  • Disaster nursing …
  • Mass burns and management…
  • How should casualties be evacuated from a high position/altitude??
  • Minimum competences in disasters…
  • Intra-osseous practices…
  • OED practices…
  • Automated CPR practices…

Without doubt, this is not an exhaustive list of all the themes that will be discussed by international and national experts who will also exchange their experiences.

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