1. Ortadoğu Afet ve Hastane Öncesi Yönetim Kongresi


Distinguished Colleagues,

The 1st Disaster and Pre-Hospital Management in the Middle East Congress will be held by the Emergency Medicine Pyhsicians Association of Turkey (EPAT) on 8-11 October 2017 at GREEN PARK PENDIK CONVENTION CENTER in İstanbul, Turkey.

Words are not enough to describe the drama that humanity has recently been exposed to in our region and that is mostly taking toll on the civilians. It is vital for this region to bring scientists from all over the world in order to discuss the influx of masses as well as health-care and social problems along with it. How Turkey has been assisting the refugees is crystal-clear. In the national health program by the Turkish Government, preparedness for disasters and pre-hospital management has a special and important place. This Congress shall massively contribute to all health-care staff and civilian defense teams. Thanks to the participation of the specialists and the key-note speakers from various countries, the scientific program will enable us to create awareness of the staff in pre-hospital emergency medicine setting (in particular members of 112 and civilian defense teams) and the colleagues in the ER services. Through the attendance of the managers of the ER Services in the Middle Eastern countries, EPAT strongly believes that this congress shall play a critical role in assuring that all colleagues speak the same language in disaster management and reinforce friendship between the peoples in the region.

Best Regards

Chair of the congress
İbrahim ALTAN, MD
İlhan Öztürk, MD




The disaster is a general name given to natural or human-induced events, causes physical, economical and social losses, knocks or deactivates the persons native life and not to be accomplished by the affected community. In an other saying, it is a case that intervention sources stay insufficient.
The Gölcük and Düzce earthquakes sadly induced to review our deficiencies in disaster management and the issues like international standardization in disaster management was debated. Despite disaster management is a discipline in the world, it is not interested enough in our country. The contribution to developing of disaster culture is possible with organizing educations provide to internize a notion for a society. The way of teaching a society firstly gets through from the education of healthcare professionals serve in disaster area in prehospital period. In this context, the first middle east congress on disaster and prehospital management present a great importance. Shelter, water-sanitation, security, psychosocial support, communication, food and health issues compose the corner stones of emergency action plan in studies in that risk groups determined according to age and sex. So disasters require a multidisciplinary approach. Because of seen frequently in our country, the earhtquake firstly occurred when called disaster but natural disasters like drought, flood and human-induced disasters like nuclear accidents, terror and wars are events that we encountered and should be prepared all the time. Our falling tasks as a healthcare professional are intervention and rehabilitation steps in disaster management. To minimize the loss of life, provide to reach person’s old health status with appropriate recovery, psychosocial rehabilitation and control the relevance of temporary shelter areas that will be built in post-disaster period to healthy life are our most important missions.
In conclusion, the basic condition of going thorough with the works in an organization without panic in a disaster is that helper is being provided to talk an agreed language as identifiying the planning and coordination.

  • What is the triage in disaster area? How and when should medical attempts are planned?
  • What is the way to be followed in industrial disasters (CBRN training etc..)
  • What are the differences that can be experienced in attempt in the mountain, snow or water?
  • What should is the psychosocial approach besides medical assistance?

You will find answers to this and many other questions and I think that this congress, which will be shared the experiences of domestic and foreign expert trainers, will bring a lot to my country.
Do not say 'I will not be experienced'. When you see that day –we wish you never experienced- we'll be there for you. While you see a child, a mother, a grandfather waiting for your help, rather you will not be able to intervene because of the information that is missing or never, with the fear of harming them, you may be a hero and your helping hand may reaches dozens of people. You also take your place in MEADEM17, don’t stay helpless.

1. Ortadoğu Afet ve Hastane Öncesi Yönetim Kongresi

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